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Soft paste porcelain fob seal of a Chinaman, ca.1748 - 1759
Charles Gouyn's Factory



Height: 2,9 x 1,4 cm
Subcategory: Ceramics
Place of origin: United Kingdom
Date: Ca. 1748-1759
Material: Porcelain
Technique: Soft paste
Style: Chinoiserie 18th Century
Price: Euro 2.250,-
Condition description: Good

Article no: 897

The story

Charles Gouyn’s Factory, St James, London 1748 - 1759

Soft-paste porcelain seal of a Chinaman with 14 carat gold mounts and a engraved cornelian matrix.

The group of unmarked but distinctive figures and luxury miniature 'toys' made by this factory was attributed by early porcelain specialists to Chelsea's first period of production.

They became known as 'Girl-in-a-Swing' after a white glazed figure of a girl sitting in a swing, which was given to the Victoria and Albert museum in 1918. The factory that produced this group of wares has only recently been identified as that owned by Charles Gouyn, a jeweller with premises in St. James's, in fashionable Westminster. Charles Gouyn had been one of the proprietors at Chelsea until about 1748.

The figures, scent bottles, bodkin cases and other trinkets made at Charles Gouyn's factory were very finely glazed which meant that very detailed modelling was possible, and the figures and miniature animals have very individual, delicate features. They are often finished with gold or gilt metal mounts.

The precise location of the factory is still uncertain, and it was only active for about ten years.

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