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'Mounir Le Raisonnable'
Alexander Koning ( 1978 )



Subcategory: Paintings
Height: 170 cm
Width: 120 cm
Condition: Very good
Condition description: No frame

Article no: 1640

The artist

Alexander Koning

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For more information please call:
+31 6 5061 2550 / +31 6 1381 4727.

The story

'Reconstructions of a Past Still to Come'. A series of images depicting the evolving refugee crisis in it's own colorful but melancholic way. A crisis I witnessed up close in country's like Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Libanon,Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, and France during my work as a cameraman for Dutch current affairs television shows. Trying to catch the characters in the ever fluctuating public and personal opinion concerning the challenging times we face. Hoping to be able reconstruct the evolution of the shared past that awaits us.

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