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Little Rascal
Poren Huang ( 1970 )



Subcategory: Sculptures
Medium: Bronze, Stainless Steel
Place of origin: Taiwan, Province of China
Date: 2014
Period: 21st century
Height: 50 cm
Length: 48 cm
Width: 43 cm

Article no: 622

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Okker Art Gallery

Vijzelstraat 125
1017 HJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)20 233 88 42

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The story

Poren Huang (b.1970) is born in Taiwan.

‘The Dog’s Notes’ not only conveys the amusing and heart-warming qualities of a dog, but also emphasizes that for everyone, the dog is an inspiration for the philosophy of modern life.

After World War II, the world’s rapidly growing economy and science and technology gave humans a more prosperous life, yet no psychological or personality progress. Sociologist and psychologists can offer many explanations, but Poren Huang views human nature and behaviour from his personal experience with raising dogs. For generations, dogs have been a part of his family, and his personal record is raising 20 dogs at the same time, often helping with the whelping of puppies. Hence, besides being an artist, he is also a dog expert.

While ‘The Dog’s Notes’ is a series of dog sculptures, the works can also be seen as a series about human characters, with some compatibility and mutuality between the two. In particular, Poren Huang emphasizes the positive nature of dogs and uses humour and wit to suggest human behaviour. He melts dogs and humans into a single creation and reveals the delicate relationship between the two. Each piece of work is a major project that requires persistent experimentation and repeated reflection on the work-in-progress.

For Huang, dogs have always been our best friends and have helped their owners both practically and psychologically since ancient times. However, most fail to recognize their companions as a source of inspiration.

‘The Dog’s Notes’ series is symbolic of canine and human attitudes and positive qualities that invite the viewer to feel and discuss. Dogs learn to adapt to human life and stay diligently with their masters. In addition to bringing companionship, their presence in the life of the modern family can have far-reaching significance and influence which may be somewhat abstract and difficult to see. Nevertheless, we must believe that through human understanding and careful deliberation of the many positive dog qualities, the resulting ideas are applicable to everyone living in today’s advanced world.

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