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The Genesis
Zhang Yong ( 1971 )

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Subcategory: Sculptures
Medium: Marble
Place of origin: China
Period: 21st Century, Early 21st Century
Movement & Style: Contemporary
Condition: Excellent

Article no: 267

The gallery

Galerie Kunstbroeders

Weverssingel 22
3811 GK Amersfoort
The Netherlands

T: +31(0)6 1413 3123

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The story

For Chinese sculptor Zhang Yong working in his spacious studio “is like sitting in a boat and crossing the river”. This is a lovely metaphor for a young, animated artist who always places people at the heart of his work.

People, in all their nakedness, with all their loneliness and contemplation. Zhang Yong’s bronze sculptures are burned into your memory after a single encounter. Is it because of Zhang Yong’s ‘signature’, which is so unique and distinctive? The subdued and earthy colours which are just as engaging as the shape and subject matter of his sculptures?

Zhang Yong has already built up an impressive body of work. He made his name at the Annual International Exhibition of Sculptures in Shanghai in 2007. This was followed by a number of solo exhibitions at important ‘art hot spots’ in China.

In 2013 Galerie Kunstbroeders discovered Zhang Yong and brought his work to Europe. An introduction with wonderful consequences …

Zhang Yong is exclusively represented in Europe by Galerie Kunstbroeders.

Edition of 8.

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