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Comp.#15 (Black market#2)
Sierk van Meeuwen ( 1982 )



Subcategory: Mixed Media
Medium: Cardboard, Paper, Wood
Technique: collage
Place of origin: Netherlands
Date: 2017
Period: mid 21
Movement & Style: Symbolism
Height: 31 cm
Width: 30 cm
Condition: Excellent

Article no: 1841

The artist

Sierk van Meeuwen

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For more information please call:
+31 6 5061 2550 / +31 6 1381 4727.

The story

The collage is build up in layers with cut-out images from used art books, comics, encyclopedias, etc. Starting with the background for the first layer, building up to the highest parts of the work in the foreground. So despite the flat images the layers create a 3D experience. As you move slightly in front of the work, the upper layers will visually slide over the layers beneath.

The collage comes in a hand made oak frame with museum glass.

The size of the frame is 51x46cm (depth 6cm). The collage is signed on the back.

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