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Walk into a gallery like a pro | YCC x Hoxton

Yesterday, VanGoghle joined more than a 100 young and budding collectors at the first Young Collectors Night. After the successful earlier editions of The Young Collectors Salon it was now time to visit actual galleries and put our knowledge into practice. In the Gallery Edition x The Hoxton, our enthusiastic tour guide showed us a selection of three contemporary galleries in Amsterdam by bike. 

The night was introduced by Manuela Klerkx of Klerkx International Art Management, who gave the future collectors some ins and outs on how to walk into a gallery like a pro. Some of her advice was quite unexpected, but very welcome: for one, Klerkx stated that it’s ok to ask a gallery owner how the price of a work that catches your eye is established. Knowing more about pricing might give you more understanding of the working process and use of materials of the artist and sometimes it even opens up negotiations. Curator Hanne Hagenaars showed us that there is not just one way to hang a piece of art in your home. It’s really important to look closely at the nature of the work and use this to determine its location. If you own more works of art, it might be nice to mix it all up a bit every once in a while!

After the introduction, our gallery tour began! Each group visited three leading Amsterdam galleries and met with artists, gallerists and collectors who showed them around and answered all the pressing questions of the beginning and future collectors.

We started at Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art who has the exhibition Unfasten Seat Belt by Catherine Biocca on show. The artist taps into an important art historical debate on form and content. She researches how art can create a leisure-like and deeply aesthetic experience whilst depicting the most brutal events. In the gallery a ‘cotton candy’ pink floor has been attacked with knives and hypodermic syringes, doodle-like subtle drawings of brutal gures and events depicted on domestic surfaces. At first glance, such a large and cutting edge installation might not be very appealing for a domestic setting, but it really pays off to just ask the gallery owner about the artworks on view and other works by the artists. The explanation of Biocca’s work by co-owner Sjoerd Kloosterhuis showed us that the context of an artwork can be very important. It also led to him showing some smaller and more manageable works that weren’t on show in the gallery.

The second gallery we visited was Mini Gallery. Co-curated by Matthew Allen, the exhibition The Future Will Be Different brings together the works of Michael Bennett, Daniel Hollier, Jeffrey Cortland Jones and Matthew Allen. All concerned with the fundamental aspects of painting - particularly colour, materiality and perception - each artist explores and reformulates his experience of the world through the framework of minimal abstraction. Artist Matthew Allen was present to talk about his work and the artists he selected. His experiments and findings about his own work can be applied to the process of acquiring artworks as well: it’s important to have an idea about your personal aesthetic, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be really rewarding.

Last but not least we visited Galerie Ron Mandos. A spacious gallery with two exhibitions: Aldo van den Broek with the exhibition Fernweh and Troika | Tom Lore de Jong | Goof Kloosterman in the exhibition Stream of Consciousness. Artists Tom Lore de Jong (NL, 1988) and Goof Kloosterman (NL, 1989) were present to talk about their works. Allthough real eyecatchers by themselves, the works of Tom Lore de Jong and Goof Kloosterman had multiple surprising layers of meaning that came to light when they explained their work. Their art really came to life. It is always best to meet the artists if possible, because you can get deeper insights into their work and it gives you a stronger connection with the pieces in your collection.

After the tour, we returned to The Apartment for some unexpected speed dates with the collection coaches - Amsterdam Art, Patty Morgan, Frame Products, KunstKoop (Mondriaan Fonds) and FRAEMd – while enjoying a cold drink in the courtyard.

All the participating galleries
Vriend van Bavink | Upstream Gallery Amsterdam | Ron Lang Art | Jeanine Hofland Amsterdam | Boetzelaer|Nispen | TORCH gallery | Mini Galerie |Galerie Bart | Kahmann Gallery | Annet Gelink Gallery | Galerie Ron Mandos | Stigter van Doesburg | Martin van Zomeren

What: Young Collectors Gallery Tour
Where: The Hoxton, Amsterdam
Next event: To be announced | Summerstop

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