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Statement piece: The Longcase clock

The longcase clock was created in 1670 by English clockmaker William Clement. It had a revolutionary design that sported a pendulum that swung exactly once per second encased inside a free-standing cabinet. Thanks to Clement’s timeless design, the grandfather clock has barely changed in its appearance in nearly 350 years. But to think that these great timepieces are outdated is a wrong assumption. When combined with the right furniture it can really upgrade your home.

Longcase clocks also referred to as grandfather clocks are one of those items that you love or simply hate. But here at VanGoghle we fancy this particular timepiece. 
We gathered some inspiring homes that have incorporated this great statement piece into their interior. Head over to our shop to discover the complete collection of clocks and barometers. 

1.English mahogany longcase clock by William Ward from ca. 1770. For more information click here.
2.English longcase clock by William Webster from 1725. For more information click here.
3. Dutch longcase clock by Joseph Story from ca. 1686. For more information click here.

Longcase Clock
Longcase Clock
Longcase clock
Longcase clock


 Image source: Pinterest 

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