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Seth Price at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Unfortunately Dutch Summers aren’t always sunny. So a rainy day is the perfect occasion to wander around a museum. One of our personal favorites in Amsterdam is the Stedelijk Museum which is well known for his modern and contemporary art.

Social Synthetic
This year Stedelijk Museum presented the first survey of the American artist Seth Price. The exhibition shows a comprehensive overview of his artistic career so far, enclosing more than 140 works made since 2000, including sculpture, installation, 16 mm film, photography, drawing, painting, video, clothing and more.   

Seth Price Social Synthetic Stedelijk Museum
Seth Price 'Social Synthetic' at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Seth Price has an unique role in the contemporary art world. Instead of sticking to one medium or style he has repeatedly explored new disciplines. His innovations, interest and themes have been a great influence on his own generation and younger artists, partly because of his approach toward digital manipulation and cultural transformation.

Price’s exhibition at the Stedelijk museum offers an unflinching portrait of contemporary, mediated Western life. A common theme in Price’s work is ‘the self’ under technological pressure. Materiality is the leitmotiv that runs throughout the exhibition. Price uses his materials not simply for aesthetic reasons but for their sociological and historical resonances.

The Vintage Bomber (2005-2008) wall reliefs were produced by forcing heated polystyrene over the cast of a bomber jacket to yield an empty shell that is both 3D icon and 2D image; while they may initially seem abstract, Price here considers the way a utilitarian object invented by the military becomes embraced and reworked, first by repeated waves of 20th century subcultures, finally by the global fashion industry.

'Vintage Bomber' by Seth Price
'Vintage Bomber' (2005-2008) by Seth Price 

About the artist
Seth Price (1973, Palestine) studied literature and political science in the United States, and moved slowly into an art world career by way of experimental film and video. He staged his first solo art exhibition in 2004. His work is exhibited at world’s greatest biennale’s and musea. Currently he lives and work in New York City.

You can visit Seth Price’s exhibition until the 3rd of September. For more information on the exhibition and/or museum, click here.


Source: Stedelijk Museum

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