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First time Foam Talent exhibition in Amsterdam

Here at VanGoghle we are always on the look out for new and undiscovered talent. As some of you may know we devoted a whole category (independent artists) to new and established artists on our website. So when we heard about the debut of the Foam Talent exhibition in Amsterdam we got really excited!

Foam Talent exhibition
This year, for the first time, Foam set up an exhibition in Amsterdam where they show the work of 20 international artists. The artists were selected in response to the annual event Talent Call, which is the largest so far with 1.790 entries from 75 different countries. The exhibition shows an overview of current developments in photography, consisting out of countless subjects and different techniques.

The work of the new Foam Talents represent a current look on the constant developing medium and reveals several trends. In this time of global uncertainty many artists express their concerns by visualizing various social-political issues in their work. Issues such als identity and representativeness are still key issues for a new generation of photographers. In addition to portfolios with distinct aesthetic appeal, the editors of Foam Magazine came across many long-term projects this year, which were more profound and had different layers. Also striking is the wide range of media usage by the emerging photographers, which rarely restrict themselves to just the camera.

'Boy playing girl' by Vasantha Yoganathan

Boy playing girl, Nepal 2016 by Vasantha Yoganathan

The Foam talent exhibition is based on the annual Talent Issue of Foam Magazine. The exhibition travelled through several cities such as Paris, Brussel, New York and London. The Foam Magazine Talent Issue serves as the exhibition catalog and provides a more detailed description of the work of the selected artists. 

Sushant Chhabria (India), David De Beyter (Frankrijk), Mark Dorf (USA), Alinka Echeverría (Mexico/UK), Weronika Gęsicka (Polen), Wang Juyan (China), Thomas Kuijpers (Nederland), Quentin Lacombe (Frankrijk), Clément Lambelet (Zwitserland), Namsa Leuba (Zwitserland/Guinea) Erik Madigan Heck (USA), Alix Marie (Frankrijk), Martin Errichiello & Filippo Menichetti (Italië), Wang Nan (China), Kai Oh (Zuid Korea/Duitsland), Viacheslav Poliakov (Oekraïne), Ben Schonberger (USA), Sadegh Souri (Iran), Harit Srikhao (Thailand) en Vasantha Yogananthan (Frankrijk).

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