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Antique clocks by Niko van der Keep

Here at VanGoghle we fancy a good story from time to time and the story of Niko van der Keep’ is certainly one of a kind.

Before working for the leading antique clock and instrument dealer; Mario Crijns, who later became the owner of the internationally renowned Crijns en Stender, Niko van Keep trained himself to be an instrument constructor. Whilst van der Keep worked for the firm of Mario Crijns he got the great opportunity to study and work on the finest antique clocks, barometers and scientific instruments for over fourteen years! With the professional depth and experience that he gained he then decided to leave the firm and became an independent restorer in his hometown Breda (The Netherlands).

Dealing in antique clocks those days was subsidiary to his restoration work. However, in 2006 a new opportunity arose for van der Keep. The firm of Crijns where he used to work did him an offer to take over the workplace and shop, so he did. Niko is now a renowned international dealer and antique clock expert. He exhibits at fairs in the Netherlands as well in Germany. His clients are provided with objective, independent advice gained from over thirty years of experience from restoring and dealing with the finest clocks and scientific instruments.

The quality of his personal client care has enabled Niko to establish long-term relation- and friendships with collectors. Those seeking for his advice, whether to purchase or restore a clock, can be assured that Niko will provide them with a profound advice from the experience and expertise that he gained trough all those years. 

Niko van der Keep
Pendule signed by Robin. Cabinet signed by Osmond
Lantern clock by Thomas Knifton Niko
Lantern clock by Thomas Knifton

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